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Pool Equipment Installation

Tuggerah, Wyong, Gosford and the Central Coast

Here at Tuggerah Pools, our quick and affordable pool equipment installation, maintenance and repair services ensure our customers can get the high quality equipment they need on-demand.

We offer a wide selection of equipment and replacement parts from leading manufacturers through our network of suppliers, so whatever you need, we’ll find it and get it up and running in no time.


Save yourself the time and stress of finding the right pool shop to repair broken equipment and parts. We arrive on site with all the pool supplies, tools and parts we need – simply tell us what part needs repairing and we’ll make sure we’re ready to fix it on the day we visit.

If we can’t, we’ll provide you with a temporary replacement to keep your pool working while we repair your equipment.


We carry, install and repair all key pool equipment, including:

  • Pool pumps and chlorinators

Chemical balance off? If you are experiencing leaks or low pressure readings with your filter, or if it’s more than 10 years old, it might be time for a repair or replacement.

  • Pool filters

Pool filter not working? Too much dirt and grime in your pool – despite having a filter? When your pool filter sand gets old, filtration is much less effective. Not to worry – we’ll see what the problem is and replace the sand or repair the filter as required.

  • Pool cleaning equipment (automatic vacuums etc)

Through our extensive network of suppliers, we will consult with you and find the right pool vacuum or cleaning equipment, and have it delivered to your house if we don’t have it onsite.

  • Pool heaters

Sick of your pool going to waste during the cooler months? With pool heating Installing a salt system for your pool is an excellent investment that will save you money on chemicals and keep your pool water healthy for swimming. These eco-friendly, safe and effective systems are also low maintenance and easy to use. When the system converts the salt into chlorine, it lacks the harshness of chlorine that is often associated with chlorine. Request an estimate for installation of a new salt system today.

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