Pool Inspections

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Pool Inspections

Tuggerah, Wyong, Gosford and the Central Coast

Pool owners are responsible for ensuring their pool is compliant with state safety regulations under NSW law. To ensure this, you’ll need a Certificate of Compliance from a qualified pool inspector. Certificates of compliance state that a pool has met the government’s safety regulations.

Being caught out with a non-compliant pool can be expensive, so it’s important to check that your pool meets these regulations so you can make any necessary renovations before being issued with a Certificate of Non-Compliance and/or a fine. If you’re buying a house with a pool, it’s even more important: selling the house means it’s the new homeowner’s – a.k.a. your – responsibility to ensure compliance within 90 days.

During a pool inspection, we’ll look at:

  • Fences and boundaries
  • Gates and entry points
  • Your CPR sign
  • Any obstructions in the pool area

Tuggerah Pools provides expert pool inspection services at a competitive price to put your mind at ease. Pools that pass the inspection will receive a Certificate of Compliance on the same day. We’ll work around your schedule and come when it’s convenient for you, and provide you with a checklist ahead of the inspection so you know what we’ll be looking for and can avoid a failed inspection.

Better yet, if something needs repairing or renovating to pass the inspection, we’ll take care of it for you – no need to call multiple people and arrange multiple visits!

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